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Power2thePeople's Story

Power2thePeople is a real life couple sharing their passion for music through innovative hip hop flows, prolific lyrics, & eclectic soulful beats. They offer undeniable good vibrations, an empowering message & will surely leave you feelin' the power. This conscious Hip Hop Soul duo is changing the game in Southern California. Their combination of empowering lyrics, sweet vocals, and unifying melodies inspire listeners to step forward in their evolution and tap in to a oneness state of mind. Their heart bumpin' hip hop beats bring in electronic notes, tribal resonances, and a fusion of reggae, rock, and storytelling that compliment each other harmoniously.

"If we want to change existing conditions, we must first take responsibility for our own actions, thoughts, and choices. The true rebellion is in fiercely rising up in to all the uniqueness you are, reclaiming your individuality, and remembering that you are a force that can assist in making this world a better place. Simply by choosing to be the change right where you are." - Camila

THE JOURNEY OF Power2thepeople's PROJECT DEATH♾️Rebirth

"We’ve had to shed some layers for this to come to light, we’ve had to sit in some dark places to honor the stories that have led us to the unfoldment of this heart, soul, awakening filled project that isDEATHREBIRTH • A DOUBLE EP EXPERIENCE, which had its first few releases in 2019. Here is our latest release and visual experience for our single, "Meant 2 Be"."


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Power2thePeople's latest single released on 2*18*2020 as a surprise release on all major platforms! "Meant 2 Be" is an intensely personal song that dives deep into the struggles that Power2thePeople as a couple face, resolving in the knowing that love can conquer all but it's no easy task to fight though the battles. 


Power2thePeople's second single "This One's For You (REVOLUTIONOFEVOLUTION)"  dropped on all major platforms 11*11*2019. It is a truly empowering piece of artistry that brings forth all the gratitude and love that these two have shared with so many! 


Power2thePeople's debut single was released on 8*8*2019 

"Stories" is available everywhere now!  "Stories" is the first single from their Double EP  - "Death & Rebirth" which will be available on all major digital distribution platforms early of 2020!   


Power2thePeople's first album “Vibe Tape Vol. 1” was released in 2018 on Soundcloud and it truly shares their powerful message through vibey beats, soulful vocals, and hard heart hitting lyrics. 

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