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Oxnard, CA

 The Ghetto Lions are a high energy, upbeat, reggae dub-hop band; their genre isn’t boxed in and neither is their stage presence which always makes them unforgettable and leaves your venue patrons wanting more! 

This band transcends modern reggae music using a heavy beat dub-hop twist with their instrumentals combined with the lyrical genius and stage presence of the entire band but especially their lead singer “Dr. Sucio” who always brings forth a live experience like no other. 

The Ghetto Lions have a strong following and always bring in crowds off the street with their music alone and they guarantee to keep the crowds attention & keep them moving! 

Debut EP "Whips & Chains" Out Now!

The Ghetto Lion's debut single "Whips & Chains" was released on _____ 2020. This song oozes with all the best reggae sounds alongside heavy dub! Available now on all major platforms. 

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